A furry film-shoot

A few people have suggested to us that Netherbyres would be a great location for TV and Film productions. And it just so happens that our friends at Tanami and Leith were in need of a location for a recent shoot for one of their clients.

Which of our rooms would they choose? The stunning double-height Grand Hall? The original-feature packed Drawing Room? Erm, no. They went for… the basement.

As most of our Insta followers know, we’re busy working our way through all of the public rooms, bringing them up to date on a modern and eclectic style. But the rooms in the basement, well, they leave a little to be desired. But that’s exactly the point of the film – a young couple moves into their first home and it needs just a little bit of work.

The best part of the shoot? It included a few furry feline friends. Watch the final film below…

And if shooting in the basement wasn’t glamorous enough, they also used the commercial kitchen to bring to life the story of a baker giving some canny business advice.

Oh and BBC scouts, if you’re looking for a location to film your next period drama, we’re available.

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