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Picking your ceremony

Not sure where to start when it comes choosing the ceremony for your big day? Scottish law allows couples to marry anywhere, even outdoors, as long as the ceremony is conducted by a religious official, registrar or a non-religious Humanist Society Scotland celebrant. So here’s a guide to the different options available for your nuptials at Netherbyres. Humanist So I know […]

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Our cocktails

One of the best parts about having your own venue is coming up with the food and drink menus, and we had a lot of fun evenings in the bar sampling many many cocktails to come up with our final list. We wanted a mix of the traditional classics and some that you might not […]

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Our interiors

If you’ve read our blog about the history of the house, you’ll know that prior to becoming a wedding venue, Netherbyres House was a home for retired gardeners. So as you can imagine, it needed a little bit of updating before we could start welcoming our couples through the door. We’ve always loved bold interior […]

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Our branding

Designing a brand for a client? Easy, my bread and butter. Designing one for my own business… hard, really hard. I think it’s the amount of pressure I put myself under to produce something increds, but then not having the ability to stand back and analyse like I would when creating any other brand. I […]

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A furry film-shoot

A few people have suggested to us that Netherbyres would be a great location for TV and Film productions. And it just so happens that our friends at Tanami and Leith were in need of a location for a recent shoot for one of their clients. Which of our rooms would they choose? The stunning […]

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A brief history

We’re often asked about the history of the house and what it used to be. So here’s the story of when it was built, and how it became what it is today… The Craw family Netherbyres estate was originally owned by the Craw family for 250 years. William Craw, who had a passion for mathematics, […]

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Best True Crime podcasts

We mentioned in the blog about us that you can often find me listening to true crime podcasts. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement. I listen to them all the time… when I’m decorating, when I’m driving, I even go to sleep listening to them (yes, Mike thinks it’s weird too). I’m constantly Googling […]

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About us

We’re Sarah & Mike (often referred to simply as S&M). When we were looking for our own wedding venue back in 2015, we were surprised by the lack of options available if you wanted to do something a little different, that weren’t already booked up two years in advance! We were lucky enough to find […]

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Our first wedding

Katie and Steven were the first lucky couple to get married at Netherbyres House. They only got engaged on Christmas eve, so we had just a couple of months to plan the big day in February. Not to mention we’d just started the refurb, but who can say no to their big sister! It was […]

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